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How to Clean Your Floors

Your floors need to be cleaned at all times to ensure that these do not get damaged, or in worse cases, replaced. While it is best to hire a professional floor cleaning service provider to do the job for you, cleaning floors is a job that you can do on your own. With the right cleaning products and with a little bit of patience, you will have cleaner floors in no time. Here are some cleaning tips for your floors:

Tile Floors

Tile floors, which are usually located in your bathroom or hallways does not need regular cleaning, however, do not use this as an excuse to not clean them completely. In areas where there is high foot traffic, especially in an office environment, it is vital that you always have your tile and grout cleaned regularly. You can use basic household chemicals such as vinegar and water and mix them together and you should get an effective DIY tile floor cleaner. Spray the solution directly on the surface. A bubbling reaction will indicate that the solution is working. All you have to do is to wipe off the solution and you will have cleaner tiles and grout in no time. If the solution did not work, it might be best to call a professional cleaning service provider.

Carpet Floors

Carpet floors are easier to clean than tile floors because, for one, you can just use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Get a good vacuum cleaner and start removing all of the dust and dirt on your carpets. Make sure to clean all areas evenly to ensure that you do not miss anything. For tough stains, you can use carpet flooring cleaning products that you can find in your local hardware store. Just make sure to follow the instructions to avoid any unwanted side effects.


If cleaning your floors is too much for you, you can always call Pro Source 1 LLC at (240) 417-7042. We provide expert cleaning service in Upper Marlboro, MD.


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